thumnail of Quintessence
Mar 23 2024


Quintessence is a formal word that can refer to the most typical or perfect example of something, or the most important part of something.


thumnail of Kafkaesque
Dec 27 2023


Something described as Kafkaesque has an often nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality to it. More broadly, anything relating to or suggestive of the writing of Franz Kafka may be said to be Kafkaesque. 


thumnail of Quixotic
Dec 16 2023


Quixotic describes people and ideas that are foolishly impractical, especially as they pursue or relate to the pursuit of ideals. A quixotic person is often known for lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action. Quixotic can also describe things that are unpredictablet.


thumnail of Regimen
Nov 13 2023


Regimen refers to a plan or set of rules about food, exercise, etc., designed to make someone become or stay healthy.


thumnail of Lionize
Oct 03 2023


To lionize someone is to treat them as a person of great interest or importance.


thumnail of Grok
Sep 28 2023


To grok something is to understand it both profoundly and intuitively.


thumnail of Zenith
Sep 19 2023


Zenith refers to the strongest or most successful period of time for a person or thing.