thumnail of Quadratic voting
Oct 01 2023 15:58

Quadratic voting

cost to the voter = (number of votes)². This formula creates a democratic mechanism for the community, helping people pay more attention to common issues.


thumnail of Quadratic funding
Sep 29 2023 21:32

Quadratic funding

Based on ideas of Quadratic Voting we can apply them in building a crowdfunding product by using Quadratic Funding. Let's find out how we can apply it .


thumnail of ZKP in Digital signature algorithm
Sep 19 2023 22:28

ZKP in Digital signature algorithm

Going from the vague (proving interaction without revealing knowledge - ZKP) to then applying it to do something specific (digital signature) is really interesting! What is too obvious may only have finite value, what is mysterious may have unlimited potential value.


thumnail of ZKP
Sep 07 2023 20:26


In this entry, I focus on explaining What is Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) in the simplest way. Besides, I give many specific examples for you to understand the practicality of ZKP for technology products.